Reaching the Suffering & Sharing the Cure

Be His Healing Hand in the Holy Land

Moved by the compassions of Christ over the tremendous suffering resulting from the escalating horrific violence and the heartbreaking events in the Holy land and Gaza, HOME is initiating a special Medical Relief campaign in the Holy Land & Gaza. During times like these, where hatred, murder, death and destruction abound, we want to be Christ’s instruments of peace and healing. We yearn to be His ambassadors of reconciliation and mercy. Where there is hatred we want to sow love and where is injury, healing. We intend to raise support for the Ahli Baptist Hospital where hundreds of civilians including children lost their lives in Gaza. We also want to support the Nazareth Christian hospital in Nazareth, Israel and the HOME ministry in the West Bank.Please join us in praying for all people in the Holy Land especially those injured, the children and civilian population traumatized by violence as well as the families who lost loved ones during the recent events.     

2023 Journeys of Hope and a Season of Milestones

HOME is an embodiment of God's love, manifested in acts of compassion that span across the Middle East. In Lebanon, our 2023 journeys of hope continue to touch lives, offering the healing balm of Christ's love to those in need. The recent Strategic Summit and the expansion of our Medical Center in Lebanon provided a new dimension for our journey, marking a significant step in our mission. Meanwhile, the heartbeat of our mission in Egypt continues to grow stronger each day. The celebration for the completion of HOME Hospital, a significant meeting with the Minister of Immigration, and the launch of an additional mobile clinic encapsulate the power of faith in action, amplifying the reach of God's compassion. It is an exciting time at HOME. To truly capture the spirit of our efforts, we encourage you to explore further these remarkable milestones. Visit our 'HOME Hospital - Dream Realized', and 'Summer Milestones & Highlights' pages to uncover the breadth and depth of our impact.

Yet, as we celebrate our achievements, we humbly recognize that our journey continues. The need is still vast, and many remain in suffering, yearning for the touch of compassion, the promise of healing. Your contribution empowers us to sustain our crucial work of reaching the hurting and sharing the healing. Together, let's channel God's love to those who need it the most. With each donation, we can transform a life. We invite you to partake in our mission - to bring the cure to those who suffer and to manifest God's love in every act of compassion.

We invite you to partake in our mission - to bring the cure to those who suffer and to manifest God's love in every act of compassion

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