A Journey of Faith in the Pursuit of delivering Compassion through Holistic Healing
Milestones, Highlights and Progress Updates

HOME's journey continues to be marked by God's love, channeled through faithful disciples delivering compassion to those marginalized, abandoned and neglected.

Every stride made resonates with our foundational promise: 

Reaching the suffering and sharing the cure

Below are snippets of tangible manifestations for our transformative outreach efforts.

Medical Missions

Faith in Service, Transformative Impact.

Each mission is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of compassionate medical care. As we mobilize medical ambassadors driven by faith, our focus remains not just on physical healing but also on uplifting spirits and instilling hope. Through our missions, we strive to ensure that no one is left untouched by God's healing love. As we look back on our journey thus far, we are humbled by the lives we've touched, yet we are invigorated to continue our journey.

HOME Summit 

Unifying power of Shared Compassion

Diverse disciples united by a shared mission gather, from all corners of the globe, the Summit serves as a beacon of hope, highlighting the immense potential we have when we come together. This is where ideas meet opportunities, and aspirations converge into action plans. The summit is our platform for sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge, and forging impactful collaborations. It’s our time to reflect on our past endeavors, plan our future course, and recommit ourselves to the service of humanity.

Lebanon Medical Center

Expanding a Beacon of Hope

In a region often challenged by strife and uncertainty, the medical center stands as a testament to HOME's resolve in extending God's mercy and compassion. As we cut the ribbon and opened its doors, we stepped into a new chapter of service, filled with profound hope and unlimited potential. A testimony to HOME's tireless dedication to serve and the generous support of our partners. 

Expanding our reach. Amplifying Outreach

We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our mission of healing - a second mobile clinic, generously gifted by our partners, Hope Multiplied. Set to serve the communities of Upper Egypt, this clinic will complement our existing unit that serves the coastal Cairo suburbs. By delivering essential medical care to the doorsteps of those in need, we are taking tangible strides in embodying Christ's teachings of compassion and service. Check out the images below to get a glimpse of this exciting development in our journey of holistic healthcare.

Mission Of Mercy

On July 7, 2023, HOME's vision of spreading hope and healing took a leap forward. United in purpose, our dedicated team from the U.S. converged with our local ministry team in Egypt, utilizing our new mobile clinic to extend care into the heart of Cairo's suburbs. This impactful mission truly embodies HOME's commitment to reaching those in dire need, ensuring that no area is too remote and no individual is beyond the reach of compassion and quality healthcare .

Strategic Alliance, Impactful Diplomacy

On July 9, 2023, HOME's leadership teams, both from the US and Egypt, had a notable meeting. They were accompanied by Dr. Freddy Albaiady, Member of Parliament of Egypt, to meet Her Excellency Minister of Immigration Ms Souha Gendy. This significant meeting was aimed at updating her on the progress of our medical ministry. This follows the agreement we reached with the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration in 2021, ensuring we continue to operate in transparency and partnership with local authorities. This relationship fosters a conducive environment for our mission, helping us achieve our aim of delivering compassion and comprehensive care to the people in need.

Unveiling the Future of Compassionate Healthcare

Journey with us as we celebrate the realization of a dream and unveil the fruit of our collective labor and dedication. Discover a place where compassion meets state-of-the-art care, where love fuels every stride towards opening our doors . Immerse yourself in the celebration of our hospital's milestone and anticipate a new dawn in holistic healing.  Because of the event's significance, we've devoted a whole page to HOME Hospital’s Progress Celebration. 

To learn more about this momentous milestone, click below 

HOME Hospital - Dream Realized