From The President

 Radiating Hope in the Middle East

Two thousand years ago, healing love was born in the Middle East. It took the form of a man—they called Him, “Jesus.” He was the “Great Physician; wherever He went and whoever He touched, He healed...body, soul, and mind. He reached out to the brokenhearted and healed the suffering, irrespective of race, religion or gender. However, since His birth, He was a suspect. The world around Him could not tolerate Him. They offered Him no place to be born, no place to lay His head…no place except the cross. Yet, He took His cross and transformed it into an operating room, transplanting new hearts – tender hearts full of forgiveness, grace, love, and healing.

Death could not contain Him for after His crucifixion He rose again. He rolled the stone away and emptied the grave from the tyrannical power of mortality, radiating hope to all humanity. After His resurrection, He poured His Spirit into the hearts of His disciples and changed the world, one heart at a time.

Today, the Great Physician continues to move and live through the lives of hundreds of thousands of his disciples in the land he once called home. In more than 25 H.O.M.E. clinics and hospitals from Beirut to Baghdad, from Amman to Cairo, the Great Physician is moving in the Middle East. Through His gracious, loving pierced hands, He is touching the lives and the hearts of many, giving hope to the hopeless and life abundant to those who are dying.

This is H.O.M.E.: it is the life and the move of the Spirit of Christ. This is the Spirit of healing grace and reconciliation that unveils Christ, through Christ-like healthcare professionals, who reach out with His healing touch to the suffering, offering His Cure of loving kindness.  Check our 2018 Year in Review to read more about what happened in our clinics this past year.