Yemen - Health Response

The war in Yemen has killed thousands of people, mostly civilians, since it began in 2015. In addition to the war, the people are also facing food insecurity. It is estimated that 20 million people are considered food insecure, with 10 million of them at risk for famine. This has also led to children facing malnutrition and acute malnutrition.  In response to this situation, H.O.M.E. is partnering with local organizations to improve the health and well-being of Yemeni through revitalizing clinics which provide quality health services and training to the people who need it most.


Reaching out with health awareness and cholera prevention

Over the last three years the ongoing devastating civil war in Yemen has highly impacted the basic public health sanitation infrastructure of the country resulting in a major Cholera outbreak which was first reported in 2016 whereby the suspected cases exceeded on million individuals in 2018. This phenomenal increase reported by the WHO and the Yemen Ministry of Public Health makes this cholera outbreak the largest epidemic in the world!

Vital public health infrastructures in civilian areas have been destroyed or made inoperable resulting in massive displacement of the affected population into crowded and insanitary conditions. Currently many thousand attributable deaths have been reported and the outbreak has extended geographically, affecting nearly all the governorates in the country. These findings were reported by the HOME leadership in the August 2018, Issue of a leading Infection Control journal (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology) with an Infection Prevention plan to these devastating outbreaks occurring in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.  

this cholera outbreak is the largest epidemic in the world!”

Simultaneously, HOME reached within Yemen by collaborating with dear brothers on a health awareness and Cholera prevention campaign in the beloved Yemen where children and civilians have been the leading victims of Cholera, Diphtheria and other war related emerging diseases. 
Furthermore, children in Yemen suffered tremendously from insecurity and psychological trauma whereby many of them have lost adult family members due to the devastating c
ivil war. 

Therefore, HOME helped establish programs that focused on prevention and treatment of Cholera, Diphtheria, and Dengue Fever with a massive campaign involving hygiene kit distributions. The goal of this Health Awareness campaign was to serve the marginalized groups and share the love of God through these programs

 “These findings were reported by the HOME leadership in the August 2018, Issue of a leading Infection Control journal with an Infection Prevention plan