North Africa

The third of an estimated seven containers has arrived to continue the progress of the building structure for the operating room suite addition to the Hospital. Samaritan’s Purse continues to generously provide the containers and shipping costs, while individual supporters continue to sacrificially give to purchase the materials needed to fill the containers. A team of 8 men from North America spent the last month with us to put up the remaining interior wall frames, run the electricity, start on the insulation, create the septic tank, and lay the first part of the floor. They then returned home to wait for the next container to be filled and shipped to further the work on the building, including putting up interior walls and doors, installing the HVAC system, and outfitting the entire building with solar energy. In the meantime, there is a team of people in the United States working on finding and purchasing the medical materials we will need, once the building is finished. They have even started shipping desperately needed medical materials in this last container, namely a new operating room table! This project continues to move forward to the glory of God. Please continue to pray for wisdom and strength for those involved in planning and carrying out these plans and pray that the remaining funding that needs to be in place, especially for the solar energy and medical equipment, would come about. 

After much planning and waiting, the new HOME Mobile Clinic Vehicle is finally here! Due to the remote nature of many of the villages we visit, and the rough terrain to travel there, we decided to purchase a Toyota Landcruiser Pickup as the ideal Mobile Clinic Vehicle for our setting. This will allow us to transport people, personal items (as we camp out in the desert when we go on these visits), and medical supplies. Now that the vehicle is in country, our next step is to outfit it with a specially designed cap that has spaces to store the medical supplies. We have been still going out on our mobile clinic visits, even while waiting for the vehicle to arrive. The last trip we took involved two visiting doctors, a nurse, and their families…even the children got involved! Please continue to pray that we would be salt and light to these far away forgotten places as we bring compassionate medical care to their villages.