A New OR Suite in Chinguetti and A New Hospital In Ouadane

The HOME update on Mauritania includes several aspects starting with exciting developments at the Chingetti Hospital and the opening of a new hospital in Ouadane.

Below are "small" snippets for "giant" developments

The OR suite in Chinguetti has made great  progress. Thanks to a large work team that came out in February, we were able to perform our first surgery in one of the new ORs this month. There is still a lot of work to do, but we have several people lined up to come in August and September to help progress the work further. We hope to have a group of surgeons come out in October from the USA to do surgeries in the new OR suite. We are finishing up the purchase and acquisition of the remaining medical and construction materials to ship out our last container later this month. We are thankful for the collaboration of Samaritan's Purse in this project.

HOME has been recently entrusted with the management of a new hospital in Ouadane, a small town in the dessert region of central Mauritania. The building was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Health Mohamed Nedhirou Ould Hamed. The construction of the hospital cost 1.6 billion Ouguiyas (Mauritanian currency). It houses a laboratory, a pharmacy and accommodation for the medical staff.

“The inauguration of this infrastructure will improve the health services in Ouadane,” said the Minister of Health, “it will ameliorate the health of the population in accordance with the President’s instructions.

Lead by Dr. Amanda, our team are currently training staff in Chinguetti to be placed in the hospital in Oudane. We hope to have the hospital fully functional in June. Thanks to donations from Baylor Scott and White, the hospital is now fully outfitted.

Please be praying for this astounding opportunity for HOME, to be the tool to bring hope and healing in this desert where The Living Water can be the only Healer.