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Mobile Clinic Visits Two Villages - Upper Egypt

HOME’s team in Minia, Egypt recently had the opportunity to visit two villages, Akaka and Koum El Ahmar, through the mobile clinic. Health services are virtually nonexistent in these areas, the closest hospital being at least 90 minutes away. Poverty is so rampant in these areas that people aren’t able to afford any kind of doctor’s visit or medication. The team of physicians saw 230 patients in 3 days with ophthalmology, internal medicine, and orthopedics being in especially high demand. We are looking forward to going back with more specialties as the people are in dire need of medical attention.

We thank the Lord for helping and protecting our team during this pandemic.

HOME now has full ownership of a hospital in Cairo, Egypt!

We are overjoyed and grateful to our Lord in announcing that HOME now has full ownership of a hospital in Cairo, Egypt!
Because your love and selfless spirits have guided and inspired us, we invite you to come and hear about this newly acquired HOME hospital in the fifth district of New Cairo-Egypt!
This medical facility will be vital to us in sustainably providing compassionate high-quality medical services and develop missionary talent through Christ-centered education!
We can't praise the Lord enough and can't thank YOU enough!

The Mobile Clinic

The health outreach program of the mobile clinics started with the aim of delivering medical and spiritual care to people in rural areas who do not have enough money to see a doctor or buy medications.  In some of these areas (such as Upper Egypt) there are very few doctors, and needy patients in remote villages often lack the means to travel the considerable distances necessary to obtain medical attention.  Thus, a mobile clinic was founded to serve needy people in these isolated areas. Traveling to remote areas, they examine large numbers of patients and distribute free medications.  Most frequently, they have to treat conditions related to unsanitary hygienic conditions, as well as illnesses resulting from malnutrition.  Patients needing surgery are referred to nearby hospitals. Patients are also prayed with and offered spiritual materials if needed. 

The mobile clinic is now equipped with tele-medicine and the latest equipment.