Board of Directors:
President: Issam Raad, MD
Executive Vice President of North America: Essam Girgawy, MD
Executive Secretary: Khoulood Fakhoury, MD
Associate Secretary: Jalen Bartek, RN
Treasurer: Cary Watson
Vice President of Middle East Affairs: Maher Samuel, MD
Canada Chapter Director: Imad Aad, MD
Houston Chapter, Director: Farid Bakht, MD
Houston Chapter, Vice-Director: Ray Hachem, MD
Los Angeles Chapter Director: Lamya Jarjour, MD
Washington DC: Winnie Shenouda
Emad Asham, MD
Atef Tawfik
Ragaa Iskarous, MD

Regional Board
Chair: Khalil Gamal, MD

Director of Operations in the Middle East
Ehab Fahmy, MD

International Advisory Board:
Chair: Marc Erickson, MD – (Missions Pastor at Eastbrook, WI)
Co-Chair: John Crouch, MD - (President of IHI Int’l, President of GSHS, President of CMDA) 
Scott Hughett (Annoor Sanatorium)
Maher Kozman (Comet-USA)
Bruce MacFadyen, MD – (PAACS)
Todd Price, MD – (IMO)
David Printy (UAE)
Paul Osteen, MD (Lakewood Church)
Vinod Shah, MD – (ICMDA)
Chris Steyn, MD – (HCFI/HFE)
Kevin Vaughan, MD – (Chairman ICMDA)
Health Outreach to the Middle East (H.O.M.E.) is a Christian, non-denominational organization that exists to offer physical and spiritual healing to people in need in the Middle East by providing medical care and education.

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