LEBANON Devastating Nuclear Scale Disaster:
Launching an emergency relief campaign


Our team on the ground with the mobile clinic, pitching a tent and passing supplies, bibles, medication and helping the wounded.

Many of us watched with horror the devastating nuclear scale explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, resulting in thousands of casualties and many people dead. This massive blast sent shock waves that were even felt in Cyprus 150 miles away. It also transformed the beautiful city of Beirut, once called the Paris of the Middle East, into a city in ruins with tens of thousands of houses, buildings as well as cars destroyed. What’s even more devastating is that many of the nearby hospitals & clinics were also extensively damaged . St Georges Hospital was almost completely demolished resulting in the death of several of its medical personnel as well as patients.

 The economic damage is estimated in the billions of dollars & occurs at a time of a collapsing Lebanese economy, and a simultaneous surge of Covid-19 that escalated over the last weeks making Lebanon one of the leading countries in terms of the doubling of the rates of Covid-19 cases in a short time period

The HOME clinic in a suburb of Beirut Lebanon, a few miles away from the place of the explosion had its own damages, and here we would like to lift special prayers to Dr Riad Sarkis (Professor of Surgery, and Founding President of HOME Lebanon) who had multiple injuries. However we want to thank the Lord for the fact that he has been spared, and now he is in a stable condition and back to work. 

On the night of this massive explosion, a Lebanese commentator wrote these touching words about LebanonTonight people in Beirut are going to sleep in shattered homes during a deadly pandemic and a collapsing economy, surrounded by countries that have attacked and threatened them, and the world that has abandoned them and the refugees”… 

It is during these times that we want to rally behind the Great Physician & Savior who never abandoned the Lebanese people extending his Healing Hand.  

Therefore HOME is asking all its friends and members to rally together behind this Great Physician to go to the rescue of Lebanon. More recently we have sent to Lebanon tens of thousands of masks some of which have entered the country only a couple of weeks ago to help combat Covid19. Today we want to launch an emergency relief campaign and ask for your support for that devastated country and the beloved Lebanese people. 

Finally special prayer to the Lord to rescue our beloved Lebanon from its current suffering, and use His children all around the world to be instruments of peace, grace & salvage.

 "Jesus ... had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd" Mark 6:34 - "And Jesus healed those who needed healing" Luke 9:11

Issam Raad, MD
HOME President