West Bank: the Hand of Love team

Our team in the West Bank, Hand of Love, reached out to under-served communities both to spend time in prayer and help provide to their physical needs. 

They made visitations to homes and ministered to around 2000 people, several of whom had children with disabilities. The Lord opened the door for the team to encourage these families, urging them to see their children as the gifts that they are, precious and loved, and never a reason to be ashamed.  

One of the families had a girl with Down Syndrome, Farah. Her condition had been a ‘disappointment’ to her family, a scenario all too familiar in Arab culture. They encouraged the family to accept Farah as a gift from God, trust in Him and to disregard the shame that their community is burdening them with. The mother said this was the first time they had heard that this child was a gift from God.  

Another mother stood out to them – abused by her husband and left single with the children, she had become depressed and lonely. They were able to encourage her and tell her about God’s love and protection.

Of the people that they met, the team tells of a young man who, having lost his father as a child, grew to have animosity with the villagers. Eventually getting arrested and denied return to the village for a while, he became bitter. George had the opportunity to spend time with him, answering his questions about Jesus and religion, and encouraging him to trust in The Lord and allow him to redeem the pain and grief he had endured.  Please be praying that God softens his heart and that he comes to know Him as Savior.

Prayer Requests:

·        Please pray for the hearts of all the people mentioned in this letter – that they may put their trust in God.

·        Please pray for all the people affected by Covid-19. May God's light be seen in every situation. 

·        Pray that God gives the Hand of Love team wisdom as they minister to all the lost and needy people in the West Bank.