Sharing His Love and Compassionate Heart

with the Earthquake Victims

We watched with tears in our eyes the devastating earthquake and those who were victimized by it over the last several weeks. What is so heartbreaking is that the major earthquake had so many other aftershocks and hit the same area that witnessed the most intense fighting during the vicious war that occurred over the last decade complicated by the atrocities of ISIS and other groups.

Yet from day one following the major earthquake, HOME has initiated a campaign to support Christ centered ministers/ministries with their humanitarian and medical relief teams working on the ground. The response was tremendous. Dr.Edward Awabdeh with his ministers and humanitarian/ medical teams moved to Aleppo and the neighboring affected areas where they provided tremendous support and relief to thousands of families.

Developing Partnerships to Reach the Unreached

HOME was also blessed to partner with Reverend Ibrahim Nseir from the Evangelical Word of God Presbyterian Church in Aleppo, as he mobilized his humanitarian/medical teams to feed and provide relief to several thousand homeless people during the last few weeks. Reverend Ibrahim Nseir also has a Clinical Center in Aleppo that has been reaching out to more than 250 patients per day and the clinic has expanded its work in medical relief during this crisis. We have also extended support and worked with other Christ centered ministers and team from different denominations in that area through the connection and labor of love of Rev Mousa Mousa . 

Delivering Much Needed Medicine

In Antakya and the southern parts of Turkey we are working with other partners and we are seeing the same blessed response. Once again thank you for all your support that is directed towards the earthquake victims as we share with them the love and the compassions of Christ. Please keep praying for these great men and women who are doing tremendous work on the ground. If you continue to be burdened to send support please just designate it to Earthquake Victims.