Bringing Healthcare to Doorsteps – Our Journey of Compassion in Egypt Continues
Mobilizing Care for Those in Need

Healing Journeys
Mobilizing Care for Those in Need

As the world around us blooms anew with the arrival of spring, we are inspired by the enduring message of resurrection:

a time of hope, rebirth, and profound transformation.

It is with this renewed vigor that we continue our mission through our mobile healthcare services.

In the underprivileged neighborhoods of Cairo and the remote villages of Minya, our mobile healthcare units are steadfast in their mission, delivering vital care to communities too often underserved and overlooked with over 700 patients receiving essential medical care directly in their communities.

Our healthcare professionals, equipped with expertise across various medical fields, have delivered much more than just medical care—they have shared our Lord's love and showed a touch of His kindness to those in need.

Even as we've navigated the challenging tides of financial constraints and the steep rise in medicine costs, the light of your support has guided us through. Each act of service is an echo of our shared commitment to show the love of Christ through the compassion that He gives us for everyone.

In places like Ezbet Al-Nakhl, our work transcends physical healing, weaving together the medical and spiritual experience. It is there that stories of love, compassion, and faith resonate, strengthening the bonds we forge through our mission.

We also reached out to Arish, North Egypt where injured Palestinian refugees from Gaza and their families were able to flee the war. HOME continues to help as well as to try and coordinate post-trauma counselling by Christian counsellors and psychiatrists to those dear families and their children who made it to Cairo.

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As the season ushers in new growth, so too does our dedication

to reaching those on the fringes of healthcare accessibility.

Your partnership empowers us to forge ahead, ensuring the hope that our Lord gives to all,

is not just a seasonal sentiment, but a lived reality.

We walk this path together, in the service of our Redeemer, spreading Health, Hope, and Renewal.

Thank you for standing with us.

Gaza: Together We Light the Path with Aid, Unity, and Hope.

Together, We Light the Path: Aid, Unity, and Hope for Gaza.

In these moments, when challenges seem insurmountable, the light of humanity shines through because of your unwavering faith and support. We are heartened to share with you another chapter of hope we've written together to help the people of Gaza.

Below are three important advancements in our mission to alleviate the suffering in the bleakest of circumstances.

Hope and Comfort Delivered to Arish for Gaza Refugees

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we confirm the successful delivery of essential aid to those injured and displaced from Gaza, now being treated in Arish, Egypt. Clothing, mattresses, and blankets have found their way into the arms of the patients and families who had fled, a significant comfort amidst their trials. This is a warm embrace across the miles, a signal that they are not forgotten.

Uniting for Gaza: A Coalition of Hope and Provision

In a testament to solidarity and shared purpose, we're proud to announce the formation of a coalition with our partners. This alliance is spearheading one of our most ambitious initiatives yet:

Dispatching an entire container of Medical Supplies to Gaza.

Reinforced by our unwavering determination to transcend all obstacles, this monumental task, fraught with logistical challenges and bureaucratic entanglements, underscores the formidable strength found in unity. Every partner within this coalition, armed with faith and trust in the provision of the Savior, is channeling their influence and resources toward a singular, noble goal — to ensure that medicines reach those in dire need, standing as a reflection of His heart in reaching the suffering people of Gaza.

Compassion and Faith in Action: A Partnership Illuminating Hope

In partnership with the Emanuel Church in Bethlehem, and through your support, HOME is both humbled and invigorated by our collective efforts to address the severe humanitarian crisis. Amid the expanse of despair, this collaboration becomes a wellspring of compassion and steadfast faith, weaving a tapestry of spiritual resilience in the face of adversity. Together, we are tackling the dire need for food, medicine, and psychological support in Gaza and the West Bank. Our joint efforts underscore the dramatic impact of uniting our resources and resolve, planting seeds of faith and hope in desolate hearts.

As we continue this journey of compassion and aid in His name, let's hold fast to the faith that He who started a good work in us will continue to forge pathways of Hope and Healing. We look forward to sharing more about the impact of this campaign and the lives touched by His Grace through your kindness.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Embracing Hearts and Minds: HOME's Impact in Mauritania
Cultivating Compassion: Teaching for a Better Tomorrow

Embracing Hearts and Minds:

HOME's Impact in Mauritania

In the heart of Mauritania, our dedicated HOME nurses are weaving a fabric of care and education that stretches across the vast desert sands. Each thread represents a life touched, a mind enlightened, and a spirit uplifted.

This update brings you closer to the lives your support is transforming.

Building Bridges Through Language
Afternoons are a buzz with the sound of new words in a foreign language as our nurses lead English classes for over 50 eager students. Keys to unlocking potential and building global connections.

Nurturing Knowledge and Health
The seedlings of change have been sown as our HOME nurses complete another successful semester of the Nursing teaching program. Their passion transcends language barriers, inspiring a thirst for knowledge in both young and old in the local communities of Chinguetti.

A Family of Hearts
The physicians and nurses' mission under the capable leadership of Dr, Amanda goes beyond care; it’s about creating a family bound by love and learning.

As they help the children with their studies, they also instill hope for a future where dreams are nurtured by the support of a global family - you, our cherished supporters.

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Every act of caring bears witness to the moments of compassion

that you make possible.

We invite you to continue this journey with us, to be a part of a story that extends the hands of healing and hearts of service to every corner of the Middle East.